Week Calendar Planner for iOS, Android & Web

Group meeting planning made simple

Organizing a group event often requires many phone calls and emails to multiple people in order to establish a suitable date and location. Week Calendar Planner takes away this hassle by allowing you to create an event, select possible dates, locations and invite a group of participants.

How it works

Creating an event

In just a few simple steps you will create an event, suggest some locations, dates and invite the participants.

Limitless possibilities

Whether you are organizing a meeting, dinner or sports event, we have a solution for getting things done! You can find the best date and location, schedule participants or just register who’s coming to your event.


We make it easy to fill in some dates, using a calendar view. You can even add recurring dates.


You can fill in the participants manually or import a list of participants using Google, Outlook or address book. Use a public url if you want to send the invitation directly to your participants.

Receiving responses

Every participant will receive an notification containing a personal link with which they can provide their availability. As a meeting organizer you will receive a notification when a participant has responded. This way you will always be informed about the progress.

As a meeting organizer you have the ability to send reminders to the participants.

Final date and location

When everyone has responded or there are sufficient responses to make a choice, you can set the final date and location. All participants will then receive a confirmation of the events final date and location.

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